MIKROKOSMOS Entertainment Ltd was created at May 2004 in order to establish a new alternative
art-house cinema in the centre of Athens. The Cinema opened in October 2004 giving to the Athens-
based film buffs the opportunity to enjoy documentaries such as “The Story of the Weeping Camel”,
“My architect”, “Darwin’s nightmare”, “What the bleep do we know”, “The take”, “Iberia”, “Aliente”,
etc. We also have screened films like “Coffee and Cigarettes”, “The Downfall”, ”Cache”, “Samsara”
,“Machuca” , “Last days”, “Something like happiness”, “The free will”, “Destricted” , “Shortbus”,
“Control”, “Taxidermia”, “Buzz”, “Mala Noche” “En Soap”,”Dead Man Shoes”, “11 th Hour”, “La antena”
“It’s a free world”, “Waltz with Bashir”, “The hunger”, “Yo” , “Sex drugs & rock’n’roll”, “Bibliotheque
Pascal” and many more. We are also members of Europa cinemas network from 2005.
We are also trying to give the opportunity to the independent Greek cinema to communicate with the
wider audience; occasionaly we manage to succeed in the box office, with art-house films like “Soul
Kicking” (screened in Cannes Director’s Fortnight 2006), “Tsiou”, “Parvas”, “Dogtooth”, “Wandering
soul”, “Attenberg” and “PARK”.

From 2006 and on we have started distributing films ourselves, handling all rights for Greece and
Cyprus. During 2006 we released “Poligono Sur” (Spanish documentary concerning a Seville’s
dangerous neighborhood where flamenco music takes its new perspectives), “TSIOU” (Greek movie
awarded in Thessaloniki film festival), Carlos Saura’s “IBERIA” and “The Wayward cloud” (Silver Bear
at Berlinale 2005). During 2007 we acquired all the rights for “La antena” (opening picture at
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2007- release date in Greece 31/01/2008) and “Tricks”
(European label Venice film festival 2008). Our acquisitions include “Two in the wave” (documentary of
Emanuel Laurent about the french “nouvelle vague”), , Gustavo Tareto’s “MEDIANERAS” (Golden
Athena Athens international film festival 2011 – release date 21/062012) , “MARLEY” (Kevin Mc
Donald’s documentary – release date 13/12/2012), “El Estudiante” (dir. Santiago Mittre- release date
11/06/2013), “Una pistola en cada mano” (release date 11/07/2013) and “Tesis sobre un homicidio”
(release 25/07/2013) .During 2014 we released (26/06/2014) “Swim little fish swim” (dir. Ruben
Amar & Lola Bessis), we made our first theatrical re-releaee of a classical film (“Otto Preminger’s
“LAURA”) & “10.000 km – Long distance” on 17/12/2014 (dir. Carlos Marques-Marcet). 2015 releases
are “PAULETTE” of Jerome Enrico with Bernadette Lafont & Carmen Maura (theatrical release date :
21/05/2015) & “The Dark Horse” of James Napier Robertson (release date 28/08/2015). “Sweat
Bean” by Naomi Kawase was released on 09/02/2017) and Santiago Mitre’s “Paulina” on 07/09/2017
Our latest release is “Lost in Paris” by F. Gordon & D. Abel. Our latest film is “Jimmie” by J. Ganslandt

Furthermore, MIKROKOSMOS is either organizing or co-organizing several Festivals in Athens, festivals
such as Berlinale (Panorama), Latin American Film Festival, Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Spanish Film
Festival, Panorama of European Cinema Film Festival, Science Fiction Film Festival, Digital Wave
(Digital Film Festival), Betting on Shorts, Adaptation Film Festival,Sunday Narratives, Fair Trade Film
Festival, Big Bang International Short Film Festival, International Schools Film Festival, a.o.